Kent Foot Surgeons

This is the “one stop” private foot and leg pain clinic in Kent.  Staffed by two Consultant Podiatric (foot) Surgeons, Mr Michael Wardlaw FCPodS and Mrs Carol Selth FCPodS, jointly we have many years experience.  Advice and treatment for all foot problems can be given.   

We specialise in foot and leg problems, and resolving these with simple non surgical methods such as orthotics or steroid injections, or if the simple methods are not appropriate or do not work, then surgery. 

Outpatient clinics are held every week in Maidstone at the BMI Somerfield Hospital and the Loose Practice or at the BMI Fawkham Manor Hospital in Longfield.


Our Podiatric Surgeons

Foot Surgery

Mr Wardlaw and Mrs Selth are employed by the NHS as Consultant Podiatric Surgeons and also see patients privately, and perform a wide range of foot surgery at local hospitals. This includes surgery for bunions (Hallux Valgus) and hammer toes, and also surgery for soft tissue lumps in the foot eg ganglions and for many other foot problems. We are recognised by the major health insurance companies.